Our local Discover Work Employer Recruitment Incentive helps people of all ages with the greatest barriers to employment get jobs and stay in jobs. It is supported by the Scottish Government and administered by Dundee City Council.  The support provided by Scottish Government includes No One Left Behind funding.

Employers can apply for funding where they adhere to Fair Work requirement to help with the costs of recruiting and employing someone who meets the eligibility criteria.  It can provide up to £8000 for newly created jobs or vacancies.  Employers who are successful in applying to the fund receive the money direct.

Employer Recruitment Incentives (ERIs) can play an important role in supporting those with the greatest barriers to employment, to enable them to obtain and remain in sustainable Fair Work.  The Discover Work ERI can be utilised in several ways such as for additional supervisory costs, training, initial travel to work costs, specialist in work support, or wages. No single use is prescribed.

For further information, such as eligibility, terms and conditions, please download the ERI Employer Pack or email ERI@discoverworkdundee.co.uk.


Discover Work ERI Employer Pack

Discover Work ERI Application Form