Launch of additional Employability Pathway services, as part of the Discover Work Service, to support young people back into work, education or training

The Discover Work Partnership is delighted with the response to the Discover Work Challenge Fund (Round 2). The process was competitive, with the demand from applicants being almost twice that of the funding available.

We are pleased to announce, the successful applicant is ENABLE Scotland (on behalf of a consortium of third sector organisations, known as All in Dundee).  The consortium has been awarded funding from the Discover Work Partnership since 2019 with ENABLE Scotland working in partnership with Barnardo’s, Volunteering Matters (Project Scotland), Access to Industry, DEAP Ltd, and One Parent Families Scotland.  To date, the consortium has had a remit to focus on supporting those with physical and mental health conditions, as well as parents belonging to specific households at risk of experiencing poverty

The consortium’s application proposed an expansion of their membership to include Street League, HELM Training Ltd, and The Prince’s Trust – resulting in a consortium of 9 organisations in total.  Alongside ENABLE, Barnardo’s, and DEAP, they are offering a wide variety and depth of support for the priority customer groups within the priority areas – see further information below.  The expanded membership will result in Dundee’s Third Sector forming the largest Third Sector consortium of employability providers in Scotland, with an aim to work as one in partnership with Council Services, while simplifying the offers available to Adults, Young People, and Households – including those with physical and mental health conditions, disabilities, experience of care, convictions, or an offending history, etc. 

Priority Customer Groups
· Those identified as being most at risk of leaving school and not participating in employment, education, or training
· Those aged 16-19 who are Not Participating (particularly those Unemployed & Not Seeking) or Unconfirmed
· Young People aged 16-24 requiring intensive and tailored support to address barriers caused by:

–  additional support needs;
–  experience of care;
–  caring responsibilities;
–  disabilities;
–  mental health conditions; and
–  convictions or an offending history.

· Young People aged 16-24 who are long-term unemployed/inactive and most at risk of not re-entering or sustaining a positive destination.
· Those requiring specialist/bespoke support to access the workplace (eg neurodiverse customers; those with severe and enduring mental health conditions) including associated advice, guidance and support for employers (eg flexible recruitment practices to improve workforce diversity; Equality, Diversity, Disability Awareness Training; application of accommodations and adjustments to work duties).

(Informed by local labour market analysis and stakeholder input which highlighted those in the greatest need of support to participate, progress, and enter employment or other positive destination)
Priority Electoral Ward Areas
Coldside, Lochee, North East, and East End (informed by local labour market analysis that highlighted the wards with the greatest need of improvement in their Annual Participation Measure, Unemployment, and Inactivity)
Priority Employment Sectors
Health & Social Care, Public Sector, Digital, Construction, Tourism, Accommodation & Food Services, Admin & Support Services, Customer Service and others that provide occupations at an appropriate level for our priority customers groups (informed by the Tay Cities Regional Economic Strategy (2019-2039), Regional Skills Assessment, Data Matrix, and Regional Skills Investment Plans)

ENABLE’s Application was entirely aligned with / responded to the vision and goals outlined in our Discover Work Strategy 2022 – 2027, namely:

Strategic Goal:
1. Strengthen the functions and effectiveness of Discover Work
Top Line Action Area:
1.5. Simplify the local Employability Landscape
Specific Actions:
1.5.2. Improve the range and coordination between existing employability providers
1.5.4. Greater integration and alignment of services provided by all employability providers to support customers and employers more effectively

The consortium will be in touch with partners soon with more information regarding operational delivery and recruitment.

To find out more about the service, get involved or to make a referral, please contact All in Dundee:


Phone: 07714396493

Facebook: All in Dundee | Facebook