Our Customers

Our customers are both local businesses and local people who are looking for work.


Delivers a recruitment and employability service that meets the needs of employers from very small businesses to multi-national companies with a large volume workforce receive support from the Discover Work Service.

People looking for Work

We aim to deliver an employability service to our jobseeker customers that – is accessible to all clients, through community based and city centre visibility and availability listens and responds to feedback integrates other public services with employability (housing, health, justice and other services) to provide a holistic, seamless Client Journey.

Our customers are both people living in Dundee as well as employers across the city, from small local businesses to large multinationals with a presence in Dundee.

The Discover Work service supports people looking for work from school leavers upwards, who reside in a Dundee City postcode area.

and includes specialist support for particular groups that include young people who have not worked since leaving school, lone parents, returners to the labour market, people with health problems, people with disabilities and people under threat of redundancy (see Age 16-24 – Discover Work/Training and Age 25+ Discover Work/Training).

Working with Employers

We aim to deliver a service to our employer customers that:


Delivers an employability service meets the needs of employers.


increases employer involvement in employability – employer led training, academies, in-work aftercare and co-design of services.


delivers a service that is driven by employers, where the employer’s voice is clearly heard and responded to and where employers co-design and co-deliver services that are “close to work”, meaningful and effective for clients.


offers an Employer Agreement that offers access to a range of support measures and gains employer commitment to supporting the Discover Work Partnership and Service, this may include ring fenced vacancies, work placements, site visits.

The Discover Work service supports employers to recruit, train and retain a productive workforce through tailor-made recruitment and retention solutions

And in partnership with our partners across the city, to identify and link employers to a range of services to help improve productivity and grow their business (see Employers – Discover the help available).

Discover Work Dundee

Get everything you need here whether you are looking for a job or an employer looking to hire.


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